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Graduate Vincent Meertens made one of the most tantalizing projects of what a data visualization can be. Rather than chart rail lines according to distance, Vincent showcases the only information computers care about: how long it takes to get around.

2011 Was a great year for infographic design. Large companies made use of the infographics in different ways. They used it for their business strategy, whether it was to promote their brand or bolster their bottom line. has made a list of the best 22 Infographics in 2011. DAE alumni Vincent Meertens is part of this unique list. Co.Design describes what visualization can be:

“It can be a set of interactive commuter-train maps plotted not according to distance but time. It can be a metaphorical chart of how water flows from the source to the consumer. It can be the spikes and dips of the Dow Jones Industrial Average rendered as notes on a musical scale. Infographics have clearly evolved into something greater than just a way to make raw numbers more enticing. They’re a full-blown art form.”

Published: 30-Jan-2012 12:41


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