What are we thinking about

Design is the way we shape and channel meaning, energy, ideas.
The way we interface with the world. In practice everything is
designed. Good and bad. Good design can be solid or virtual, two
dimensional or simply a frame but it implies a firm connection with
life and the desire to make sense of it.

Good design tells the truth. So it should come as no surprise that
the Design Academy Eindhoven students are interested and engaged
in the world and that this is reflected in their work. They are busy with
the essential integrity and authenticity of design, and what you can see
in the GRADUATION 2010 catalogue are manifestation of how they see
the world. Ideas made real.

They say that design is dead. Nothing could be further
from the truth. In Holland alone design is a 17 miljard euro
industry. Designers are an important part of the future.
At Design Academy Eindhoven we educate Individuals
to engage with the world through design, with integrity,
courage and understanding, and shape new realities
that make sense.

Ilse Crawford
Head Man and Well-Being