Van Abbemuseum

19.10. – 17.11.2013

Opening hours during Dutch Design Week
Saturday 19 until Sunday 27 October
11:00 – 18:00

After the Dutch Design week, you can visit Self Unself at Van Abbemuseum during regular opening hours.

Please find them on the website:
Van Abbemuseum
Bilderdijklaan 10
5611 NH Eindhoven

Curators: Thomas Widdershoven, Jan Konings
Curatorial team: Daniela Dossi, Irma Földényi

Dialogue between Van Abbemuseum and DAE

The exhibition is the start of a lengthy dialogue which these two top institutions in Eindhoven want to conduct together in order to learn from each other and reach a lively exchange about the key ideas behind creativity. The similarities and differences between the ways in which artists and designers work are examined, and an exchange is set in motion between the “design public” and the “art public”.

Participating designers

Monica Alisse, Formafantasma, Tom Gottelier, Dave Hakkens, Bora Hong, Hella Jongerius, Jan Pieter Kaptein, Erik Kessels, John Körmeling, Lucas Maassen, Christien Mainderstma with Diressens & van den Baar Wandschappen, Daijiro Mizuno, Alicia Ongay-Perez, Daan Roosegaarde, Vincent de Rijk, Ro Smit, Studio Bertjan Pot, Studio Makkink&Bey, Studio Orta, Vincent Tarisien, Thonik, Marije Vogelzang and Cody Wilson.


LUCAS MAASSEN MAKKINK&BEY - Noord Oost Polder Thonik for Eternally Yours STUDIO ORTA
HELLA JONGERIUS - KLM Cabin MONICA ALISSE - mapping malalas story with imagery RO SMIT MARIJE VOGELZANG