Man and Communication

Jeremie Cornelissen

Photographer: Lisa Klappe


Volunteer work is a positive contribution to our society, but it has a slightly stuffy image. After doing some research, Jeremie Cornelissen discovered a new group: the volunteer 2.0. ‘He or she uses new media such as You Tube to share their knowledge with people around the world.’ Cornelissen intends to improve the volunteers’ image by visualising and promoting this group. He has built a digital platform: Volunteer 2.0, where he presents these new volunteers and offers them the opportunity to share their knowledge with people around the world.
Photographer: Lisa Klappe


Jeremie Cornelissen has approached the hand as a planet and wondered what would live there. He discovered millions of types of bacteria. ‘People are becoming more and more opposed to bacteria, while many of the bacteria that have been permanently living on our hands are much healthier than we would think.’ In order to provide a more balanced view on the issue, Cornelissen has created a toilet door with 150 door handles on the outside. ‘People will often be afraid of the dirty door handle in the toilet. I have spread the risks; each door handle represents one out of the 150 good bacteria each person carries with them.’ The door Planet Hand acts as an interactive infographic; on the inside there are descriptions of the advantages of all these bacteria.