Man and Communication

Tim Enthoven

Photographer: Lisa Klappe


Tim’s life hardly extends beyond his room. Its four walls form the boundaries within which he tries to create as much of a perspective as he can. Anything that could throw him off his routine, he renounces. But will he be able to live with the things he has left? In the 96-page graphic novel Binnenskamers Tim Enthoven leaves all conventions in comic books or novels behind him to create a touching, surrealistic book about the life of a frightened boy in his own liberated imagery.
Photographer: Lisa Klappe


What is the effect of hand-drawn images on the internet? Kees Peerdeman and Tim Enthoven share a preference for drawing and short stories, and started up a visual conversation Incomplete Short Stories via Facebook while they were studying at Design Academy. Tim would create a drawing, Kees would respond to it, and a short story would develop. Peerdeman and Enthoven have set up their own publishing company, Drawing Publishers, which disseminates hand-drawn images through the internet.