Man and Well being

Pomme van Hoof

Photographer: Vincent van Gurp


Does it matter where we sleep? ‘When we sleep we lose control and consciousness. It is a part of human nature to sleep in a safe place’, Pomme van Hoof says. Historically, people have created small, enclosed spaces to sleep in, or they have built box beds, because they did not have more space available. Today’s bedrooms contain all sorts of distractions, allowing people to use the space for other things besides its original purpose: to sleep in. Pomme van Hoof’s Bedbak allows people to retreat quietly with their own thoughts and dreams. Climb the little step ladder and retreat into your own personal burrow.
Photographer: Vincent van Gurp

Paving stones to inspire us to dance in the streets

A series of concrete paving stones that will encourage people to dance. With Concrete Choreographies the city’s walkways and squares will have rhythm, or better still, dance laid into them. Ripples, bulges, and dents will evoke a range of dance steps, jumps, and turns. The forms and finishings will be designed to facilitate movement; depending on the paving patterns, the stones will give rise to new choreographies. Architect and choreographer will find each other while creating and designing the space; the constructed environment will adjust to the human body and vice versa.