Man and Communication

Søren Wibroe

Photographer: Lisa Klappe


This ‘red room’ was placed inside Design Academy Eindhoven for a typographical experiment Open Foundry by Søren Wibroe. He asked students and tutors to use the random items they would have in their pockets to design a new typeface by arranging these items on a sheet of sensitive paper, and lighting and developing the arrangements. Random building blocks such as credit cards, bananas, locks of hair, lipsticks and small change were used to fill in the white spaces around the letters. It offered the designers a new perspective on typographic design, as it made them focus on the whites around the letter instead of on the letter itself. Søren projected the start of the sentence “the quick brown fox…’, which typographers know by rote, onto a wall where it was finished in completely new ways, in irregular fonts designed by the people passing by.