Carolina Dos santos Reis

Photographer: Vincent van Gurp


Discrimination carries two contradictory definitions; one that relates to an intellectual operation as in distinguishing things and another to the prejudicial treatment of individuals or groups. This can be summed up by distinguishing discrimination between from discrimination against. Clothes are an attribute of constant individual discrimination against. The best antidote to discrimination against is individuality and valuing diversity. Each person has 99,94% common DNA. We grow distinct from each other through life experiences. In the same manner, the clothes become individual as a result of being worn. My design effortlessly adapts to the body’s movement. Byusing the movement as a catalyst for change in the object, the garment will take its final shape once each person has used it. As our movement is as individual as our fingerprints, a design that takes motion into account would become unique for each person. By promoting difference, I aim to promote tolerance towards it. This is not another customisable design. This is a movement promoting diversity and diversity achieved through movement.

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