Carl Harris

Photographer: Vincent van Gurp


With the increase in screen-based technology, the working office environment has become more and more digitalised. With such applications as SKYPE, E-mail, widgets, and Facebook, our lives are getting more reliant on screen-based technologies than on human-to-human communication. This thesis proposes ways of keeping up with the demands of technology but responds to our more intuitive tactile human tendencies. It delves into primitive cycles of designing and making through necessity, while looking towards the future and finding out how humans play a role. I aim to show personal investigations into the role of the office and its affect on human behaviour. My proposal exploits our more humane tendencies such as gossiping, flirting, ambition and introspection, and employs these tendencies as tools to create objects that manipulate technology to benefit human office needs.

Download thesis (PDF 11Mb)