Kitikoon Worrasorratorn

Photographer: Vincent van Gurp


The Handmade product has its own identity and high value. At present, as a designer, we all see the importance and often discuss the topic but from a non-designer’s view, the only information people usually get about a handmade product is that it is “Made by Hand”. How is it possible that only a few people understand and appreciate its value. My research resulted in 2 design directions: 1. When people look at handmade products, they usually only judge it by its outward appearance. They never imagine how much work has gone into making it. Some products may take days to make, but people will spend no more than two minutes looking at it. Doesn’t it deserve more appreciation? The aim of my design is to focus people’s attention, creating a greater awareness of the design and craftwork, encouraging them to spend time looking at all the details. The perfectly made, anonymous box only divulges its secret when opened. Just a small part of the handwork, visible on the edges of the outside surface, will seduce people to experience the real beauty of the craftwork on the inside. 2. The second idea is based on my research of the meaning of the label on a handcrafted product. Today, the fact that a product is made by hand can only be understood if people read the information on the tiny tag or label attached to the product. However, the story of the craftsman, which lies behind the handmade product, is as important as the look of the product. The real value of the handmade product is not only in its appearance, but it is the story that gives meaning to the product. My design: to transform the story of the craftsman into the design itself and to use his skills to make the object.

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