Cedric Ceulemans

Photographer: René van der Hulst


In my research, I have analysed a western society and the way it expands using energy and materials derived from cheap petrol. The capitalist system produces every item we use, from the irreplaceable to the disposable, often using this great material: PLASTIC. Can you imagine a world without plastic? It is the modern clay, used to create every product, first made to replace ivory, horn, rubber, cork, silk, etc. But it has unfortunately been misused and wasted, and because of its characteristics it remains in the environment for hundreds of years, without degrading. Its waste causes perpetual pollution of the environment and threatens different life forms on earth. The media influences public opinion concerning the state the planet is in. But the way we communicate and the language we use need to be adapted, because the atmosphere of fear surrounding the news today is not the solution, as it inhibits or misguides our actions. We live in the century of communication, which is an advantage when we want to answer our questions. It is important to be critical of media communication and growth. Our global environment and human situation finally draw us to this question: WHAT TO DO? Well, first of all, we should not surrender to the myth that there is one ultimate solution to our many problems. Therefore, I chose to work on a realistic utopia in which waste products can be re-valued and solar energy can be the source of power. In a closed circle of recycling, I tackle the possible self-sufficiency of a community in Windhoek, basing its resources on harvesting and recycling plastic bags. Through a common project of community gardens, I want to raise awareness and find a solution for plastic bag pollution in Africa.

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