Alessia Cadamuro

Photographer: René van der Hulst

Fictitious Address

“My research aims to discover how it is possible to restore the dignity of homeless people through design. To find solutions for this topic I have collaborated with the homeless throughout the research and design process. In the first part of my research I examined data about aid organisations in two countries: Italy and the Netherlands. Furthermore, I analysed the structure of European laws on homelessness, focusing on the denial of basic human rights. This provided a useful foundation for understanding how the problem of homelessness is treated. The second part of the thesis questions society and its knowledge of homeless people’s situations. This chapter highlights how society is only partially conscious of homeless people’s problems and, consequently, how far apart these two societies are. In order to make these differences visible, in the third chapter I asked the homeless people questions. My questions mainly focused on discovering their opinions and about the loss of their basic rights. These conversations helped me understand what solutions might be appropriate for their situation. In the fourth part of the thesis I focused on how design attempts to solve problems regarding homelessness, therefore, I provided an overview of some existing design projects, highlighting both successful and less successful proposals. This research into design in turn l has led to the final chapter of my thesis project, concerning my own design proposals. The conclusion describes the type of scenario I envisage. In this scenario the homeless are more aware of their rights and have the opportunity to change their lives whenever they desire, free from social or legal barriers.”

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