Jeannette Petrik

Department: Contextual Design


Loopholes is a result of a process of reflection upon myself as an actor within society and the responsibilities that the roles I choose to embody. It is based on the analysis of myself as a consumer within commercial structures which seem to underlie large parts of what I consider as the basis of ‘my daily life’ – food, housing, clothing, education, entertainment and culture. It is also based on the analysis of a variety of actions considered as ‘extremist’ by the majority of society: the expression of an outsider’s perspective within those structures.

These explorations and reflections have helped me to question the extent to which my life is connected to and, therefore, directed by the spectacle of the Commercial. This research explores strategies of expression and action of individuals or groups with marginalised ideas on society, specifically the system of commercialized culture.

By critically reflecting upon myself and the discipline of design I try to find a niche to act within. This may contribute to current discourse around the social responsibilities of art and design.

I am a designer.

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Lonneke van der Palen