Boris Brucher

Department: Man and Communication


What: A living room as a curated staged decor, built to be a photographic image.

Why: The modern interior exists as an image to be liked and shared on social media. In ‘HomeSet’, Boris Brucher illustrates the gap between representation and reality by highlighting the divorce between image and shape, intention and comfort, picture and experience. Platforms like Instagram and Airbnb have widened that gap.

How: Boris constructed an ensemble out of scaffolding and upholstered fabric, and draped it with images of popular furniture (Jeanneret chairs and a Perriand stool) published in influential interior magazines and loved by social media superstars. The deliberate mismatch between the photographed object and the actual shape emphasises the superficiality of our image-saturated world.

“The photographic image of an object is more important than the object itself”

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