Shaakira Jassat

Department: Food Non Food

Waiting for Water

What: These water collectors are the result of an ongoing research project on how to harvest water in the urban environment.

Why: As the threat to Earth’s natural resources rises exponentially, our ‘available-on-demand’ mentality needs to change, says Shaakira Jassat. Her project seeks to reconsider the value of water, instead of taking it for granted.

How: At a domestic scale, there is a tea machine that condenses water vapour from the air. It functions on its own timeframe; you just have to wait until there is enough for a cup of tea. On a larger scale, a modular architectural panel collects the rain that naturally runs down the façade, storing the water for later use.

“Our future has the potential to be better designed”

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Ronald Smits