Jeffe Van Holle

Department: Food Non Food

Positive Pressure

What: The Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP) aims to construct 100,000 biogas plants in five African countries, providing half a million people with a sustainable energy source. Jeffe Van Holle designed interactive promotion tools to accelerate this goal.

Why: The promotion campaign aims to interest small farmers who sell their produce at local markets in biogas as a sustainable and clean alternative for wood and charcoal as energy source for domestic use.

How: Collective market clean-ups focus on the abundance of unsold organic waste that can be used to produce biogas. Two ‘pressure chairs’ demonstrate the easy use of the gas. Sitting on the gas-filled cushion brings the gas under the pressure needed to activate the energy source.

“Biogas is the airy alternative to the heavy load of traditional fuels”

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