Pauline Agustoni

Department: Public Private

Mastectomy Caregiver

What: Adapted knitwear for women who have had a mastectomy during their breast cancer treatment.

Why: After a mastectomy, women are left with sensitive scars. Their options are limited when it comes to what to wear while they recover. Soft, comfortable and also aesthetic, this garment acts as a caregiver, protecting the skin as it heals.

How: Shaped knits that are tighter around the waist and wider near the top create volume around the bust and arm area, where the scars are located. 3D knitting means that there are also no uncomfortable seams. The sweaters come in a range of colours and are designed as fashionable classics that can continue to be worn.

“The sweater is like a protective shell”

Photograph top by Nicole Marnati.
Photograph bottom by Angéline Behr.

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