Roxane de Jong

Department: Man and Communication

Police Training – How to deal with young ex-prisoners?

What: A series of educational animation videos, highlighting how the police can help tackle serious social issues like youth recidivism.

Why: Roxane de Jong renders a complicated subject – the successful reintegration of young ex-detainees – in a video tutorial for the Police Academy and YouTube. An accessible how-to video can be a strong tool to reduce the alarming 63 per cent of repeat youth offenders.

How: Roxane interviewed policemen, criminal lawyers and psychologists to develop an approach that can lower the risk of regression. This tutorial analyses the problem, identifies the social partners involved, and offers hands-on advice. ‘Police Training’ is a tool that helps the police help people at risk.

“Accessible animation tutorials for complicated social issues”

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Ronald Smits