Aurélie Varga

Department: Man and Activity


What: A collection of splints for fingers and wrists made of delicate copper wire that look more like jewellery than medical accessories.

Why: Wearables and identity are very much related. When it comes to splints, the wearer's choice is quite limited. Often massive and unaesthetic, a splint is synonymous with having a condition. ‘Minimal’ was conceived to not draw attention to one’s medical circumstances.

How: These splints are made of simple copper lines, using as little material as possible. The use of recycled copper is sustainable, inexpensive and a nod to the fact that copper is essential to the good health of connective tissue. To conceal the silver lines of the soldering each splint incorporates silver pieces, that add to its beauty.

“A more sophisticated splint design boosts the patient’s self-esteem”

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Nicole Marnati