Satomi Minoshima

Department: Man and Activity

Inflatable Leather

What: To extend the boundaries of inflatable products, Satomi Minoshima designed a series of leather-covered inflatable furniture.

Why: The advantage of inflatable products is that they are light and portable. However, they generally have a short lifespan and the vinyl material usually looks cheap, even if it is made well. Inflatable furniture is therefore seen as a quick fix for temporary situations.

How: The couch, chair and ottoman are all covered with real leather. Leather is a natural material, rich with texture and has a long lifespan. The more it is used and aged, the more the value increases. This makes the value of the inflatable furniture increase with time.

"Leather elevates the value of inflatable furniture"

Sponsored by Van Oosterum Leder

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Ronald Smits