Satomi Minoshima

Department: Man and Activity

Skin Tote

What: Skin-coloured bags serve as a metaphor for the role skin colour plays in how others judge us, without even knowing us.

Why: Although we are heading towards a globalised, post-racial era, where one’s skin colour is less of a critical factor, discrimination based on skin colour is still present in most societies. Skin Tote conveys the idea that the skin is just a container carrying one’s personality inside.

How: The message is communicated via a series of photos of people and bags matching their skin colour, aimed at spreading the aesthetic quality and diversity of skin colours. The contents of the physical bags reflect the weight of our skin, which is 6.3 percent of our body weight.

“Your skin is just a bag for your personality”

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Ronald Smits