Samuel Picot

Department: Man and Communication

Tel je fus

What: This installation works in conjunction with the VR experience ‘La Peur Bleue’. It represents the process of turning the war memoir of Samuel Picot’s grandfather into a VR-experience, changing the way the story is told.

Why: “By turning his memoir book into VR, a medium that my grandfather has no ability to access on his own, I also created a bridge between two generations, a common interest,” says Samuel. “The representation of this process in itself being just as valuable as the result.”

How: Through a film, a series of pictures, some relics from the past, and the book itself, this process is shown together with the elements that helped the project come together.

“Translation into a new medium provides a new outlook on our shared heritage”

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Photo by Designer