Sibren Drenthen

Department: Man and Communication

Wallpaper 3.0

What: Animated wallpaper to make the home environment more dynamic and interactive.

Why: From the luxurious patterns of Arts and Crafts revivalist William Morris to the images we so carefully choose for the home screen of our smartphones, wallpaper has come a long way. Yet, while the digital environment is dynamic, the physical wallpaper in our decors has stayed static. ‘Wallpaper 3.0’ is a homage to the Arts and Crafts movement combined with the technological possibilities that exist today.

How: Flowers are embroidered onto the wallpaper with heat-sensitive thermo-chromic yarn. Motion sensors activate the foil behind the wallpaper heating the floral pattern on top, which goes from grey to white when warm.

“This is a shade-shifting, transformative surface that reacts directly to the surroundings”

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven