Strategic Creativity

At the lectoraat (UK: Readership, US: Professorship) in Strategic Creativity we explore how design and creativity can play a strategic role in society and the economy in general, and in service innovation in particular. We do this with a 'thinking through making' approach where design and reflection go hand in hand.

Places and Traces

The Readership in Places and Traces focuses on design research into spatial, social, technological and sustainability issues in the urban environment. In particular, it pays attention to the role of design in understanding and transforming public and collective spaces, and flows of people, information and materials.

Knowledge Circle

Besides the two Readerships, Design Academy Eindhoven also has a so-called Knowledge Circle, since 2014. This small group of academy tutors, heads of department and researchers was formed by the Board and the two Readers to empower conversations about design research at the academy, and organise activities around design research. Together, the Knowledge Circle created the Design Research Lexicon (see to provide a shared language that is both textual and visual. The lexicon is expanded and changed continuously and several activities are organised in relation to it, such as the design research podcast route during the 2016 Graduation Show, see To get in touch, email