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Guiño, a group of four students of DAE, Yorgos Bournousouzis, Isabel Gonzalez Salvador, Roel Deden and Noesha Hu, developed a leading concept 'Long Life Education' and created a Custom Learning Experience for a client that popped up as best potential in the network..

The leading concept of learning is developed in the lessons of the Compass department Market 3 specifically for Dutch educational publisher Malmberg.  The concept focusses on an interactive way of learning. This way of learning motivates the users. The concept is still in its pilot phase at this moment.  

The 'Long Life Education' is based on the fact that young people are active with computer games and social media in their spare time. These activities are interactive, compelling and have a social character. The traditional lesson book doesn’t have these qualities. Publisher Malmberg wants to integrate the three activities in the Dutch education.

This new way of learning results in an account for life time, which means that students always keep the information that they’ve learned. This way of learning will be fun, interactive and social. The 'Long Life Education' will replace the traditional lesson book and will enjoy students’ homework.

Watch the video for more information about the concept:

Guiño on its concept:
This concept was created for Malmberg, one of the leading educational book publishers in the Netherlands.
Our goal was to make future education a more social, progressive, immersive and therefore a more enjoyable experience.

This concept was created in order of the Design Academy Eindhoven, Guiño Concept 2012 ©

More information (in Dutch)

Published: 29-Mar-2012 11:00


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