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After six days of design excitement and showcasing the design steps of 60 graduates we want to thank everybody who has been a part of our annual Salone del Mobile exhibition. We are sincerely very pleased with the result of this show curated by Miriam van der Lubbe.

This year we choose a brand new location at Ventura Lambrate to forge new links between our graduate work and the world. We were quite anxious about the new location and the show itself. We did everything we could in order to meet the demands of the international visitors.

Well, generally speaking we are more than happy to say that the majority of the visitors enjoyed our show. In fact, not only did we experience a significant increase in number of visitors, we also witnessed a great variety of people coming to the show. Not to mention the enthusiastic design visitors who joined the Milan Breakfasts at our venue: in close cooperation with The New Institute design critics discussed present-day themes

Additionally we enjoyed the cooperation with the five other exhibitors at our shared location: Z33 - House for contemporary art, HAN Gallery, Chi ha paura...?, Valerie Traan gallery en Aldo Bakker. 

Altogether we succeeded in sharing our design education with others to increase the chances of success for the projects and graduates. As we stated previously: valuable networks can grow from the early stages of the design process, boosting the potential of a single concept. Consequently Linking Process has captured the design state of mind we are in right now.

Special thanks to:

  • Curator Miriam van der Lubbe
  • DAE Graduates
  • DAE Friends
  • The New Institute
  • The Milan Breakfasts contributors
  • Organisation in Design
Published: 15-Apr-2013 15:02
  • successful Milan showcase

    Linking Process (photocredits: Nicole Marnati)