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Emma Radio: SHOW 6 - Saturday April 12, 2014

Graduate Martijn van Strien: I prefer making coffee

Alissa sings 'I saw design'

In the last episode, EMMA concludes with some comments on the Milan Design Week by some famous and less famous people. Tracy Metz thinks it was a very inspiring week. One of the highlights for her was Maarten Baas's circus show since it is such a great commentary on the crazy world of design that Milan is.Creative director Thomas Widdershoven looks back on a week full of shows, taxis and talks. Tiring, but inspiring. Tracy Metz adds to this that she missed the story behind the work in the exhibition. She pleas for more explanations in the show.

Martijn van Strien's project Dystopian Brutalist is on the cover of the Self Unself paper that is handed out at the show. But Martijn doesn't seem to be very impressed about that. He confesses he doesn't really like designers. He prefers making coffee behind the bar.

Emma Radio: SHOW 5 - Friday April 11, 2014

Who is Rosanna Orlandi and why is she the buzz? 

Reporter Olle goes down to Rosanna's place to find out who she is and why she is such a buzz here in Milan. She seems to have a special kind of magic…we learn that she likes espresso, and finds soccer boring. Danielle and Hilde went to see Maarten Baas's circus and interviewed him, but unfortunately a bag was stolen at the show, with the recorder in it, including the interview! This is why Danielle tells the story of Maarten to the EMMA diary. Maarten was not making a statement, he said. Milan is a show, no more and no less. 

In this episode, listen to what Arne Hendriks has to say about the incredible shrinking man. Why should we become smaller? 

Emma Radio: SHOW 4 - Thursday April 10, 2014

EMMA goes where the small fishes are

Hella Jongerius and Vitra can afford ten thousands to rent a space in the Salone del Mobile, but not everyone can! In Salone Satellite there is room for startups, upcoming talents and smaller education institutes. The EMMA reporters went there to ask: do you design to sell? And surprisingly, they seem to do so. How do they stand out between all these designers? Or, do they even want to? Olle even dares to ask about the cost of exhibiting…

The design therapist asks a former design students if she owns any design objects. Does she walk the talk? The things you use the most are usually the best designs. But often you don't know who designed them. Do we know for example who invented the paperclip?

And don't miss Alissa's blues. She sings like an angel!


Published: 10-Apr-2014 14:40
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    Lidewij Edelkoort in installation from Het Nieuwe Instituut

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