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We are proud to partner with Keep An Eye Foundation for the 5th time this year! Since 2010, this foundation is supporting our best young graduating designers by encouraging them with a Keep An Eye Grant amounting to EUR 11.000,-. The prizes are awarded to students whose product development shows a high social relevance and who show an ethical and professional attitude in their work. Among all our graduates, 20 projects are nominated for 4 Keep An Eye Grants.

Marlies Schets | 'Seen'
Nils Chudy | 'MIITO'
Nick Meehan | 'The Lobby'
Naresh Ramdjas | 'Nareshtaurant'
Camiel Fortgens | 'Known'
Laura Ferrière | 'The White Building'
Remy van Zandbergen | 'De Zeefdrukkerij'
Joel Booy | 'Dark Matter'
Joey Dogge | 'Yatno'
Bob Schiller | 'EPO'
Fien Dekker | 'Rain(a)way'
Sander Manse | 'Unfolding Structures / Enfolding the City'
Nina Gautier | 'Urtica'
Teresa van Dongen | 'Lumist'

Wiktoria Szawiel 
Govert Flint
Gabriel (Ann) Maher
Silvia Neretti
Tanne van Bree
Kim Costantino

On 2 September, a jury of professional designers and creative entrepreneurs will select 8 finalists. On 18 October, during the official opening of the Graduation Show, the winners will be announced and the Grants will be awarded. Keep an eye on our Facebook page in the coming months to hear more about the nominees and finalists!


Published: 15-Jul-2014 15:14
  • Nominees Keep An Eye Grants 2014

    Jury at work in selecting finalists for 2013

Photography: Angeline Swinkels