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Keep an Eye Grant is awarded to develop talent in the creative field to students with a vision for their talent and future career. The grant is an initiative by the Keep an Eye Foundation,

This week: the bachelor students nominated for the Keep an Eye Grant and the René Smeets Award. For the full list of nominees and more information about the grants and awards, see awards 2015
Bachelors nominated for the Keep an Eye Grant & René Smeets  Award*  and/or Milky Way Prize** 2015

*David Roman Lieshout  |  The Corridor Bicycle – Wheels on the Wall 
BA Man & Activity
“As urban densities increase, the lack of space for parking bikes does too." When he was living in London, David Roman Lieshout noticed a lot of people carrying their bicycle into their homes and leaving it in the hallway. The Corridor Bicycle has been designed to fit in. It has a compact, light-weight aluminium frame that can easily be carried up three stairs and hung on the wall from a single hook. Instead of making the frame foldable – which would make it heavier to handle – David has opted for handlebars and pedals that can be turned sideways to save space. They easily click back for a quick ride to the supermarket: your groceries are safely transported on the smart bag holder in front of you.

*Desiree van der Gracht  |  A Future Home – Breathing textile Module  & A Domain of the Senses – Soothed by your furniture
BA Man & Communication

The Future Home
With the fast-paced lives we lead, we tend to be in an active mode most of the time. Many people have trouble unwinding when they come home after a busy day. Desiree van der Gracht researched what a home needs to have a calming effect on our minds, and designed this breathing textile, which can be incorporated in various products for the interior. An airbag that mimics a breathing pattern, ambient lighting and a controlling device are all integrated in this mohair and wool fabric. The quiet movement and the tactile surface that responds to the touch with a pleasant glow, have a soothing effect.
Realized with the help of Philips Design and the Textile Lab of Textielmuseum Tilburg

A Domain of the Senses
In need of a moment to separate yourself from the hectic life outside? Curl up in your own cocoon chair and breathe in, breathe out – just follow the restful rhythm of the soft and warm textile that envelops you. “It seems that incorporating emotional and sensual experiences into the products and environments is crucial for calming down,” says Desiree van der Gracht. Integrated in a movable room divider, her breathing textile module reveals its second sensory aspect: by stroking the tactile surface it lights up in various shades. Just sit, feel, see and wonder. It will take your mind off things.”

*Shay Raviv  |  HÔTEL TRAVAIL – A shelter for workers on-the-go
BA Man & Leisure
The ‘HÔTEL TRAVAIL’ installation illustrates a new workspace concept. Freelancing and the insecurities that come with entrepreneurship have changed work and our attitudes toward it. With fewer and fewer people working in life-long jobs or in fixed workplaces, Shay Raviv was inspired to offer the roving, job-hopping worker a sense of stability and safety: a physical environment and a service, joining hospitality locations with professional online networks. Here, workers can be surrounded by other workers, cultures, knowledge, and have unexpected encounters. Within HÔTEL TRAVAIL’s different zones they will find facilities like a Reference Fountain, Wi-Fi Shelter, Debate Carousel and The Workcycle.”

*Simone Post  |  Vlisco Recycled
BA Man & Living

Since 1846, Dutch textile brand Vlisco has created colourful wax printed fabrics popular in Central and West Africa. The complex, traditional production technique and Vlisco’s high standards result into beautiful fabric ending up on the scrap heap as waste products. After extensive material research, Simone Post gave new life to these leftovers by designing a series of interior products.
With endless possible colour combinations, a unique product is created each and every time.

Simone Post’s design ideas for Vlisco:
“The Vlisco process of designing and producing wax fabrics is complex and involves more than 20 different steps. Some main steps are: printing the wax, dyeing, breaking the wax, printing with felt rollers, silkscreen printing, fixating and possible after-treatments. In all these steps things can go wrong. Because of Vlisco’s high quality standards, there is always a certain amount of fabrics that are ultimately rejected. Until now, Vlisco has not yet found a good destination for this, which means almost all waste cloth ends up destroyed”.

“When I did my design internship at Vlisco in 2014 I noticed this problem. Vlisco management explained they unfortunately had to reject and destroy the cloth, because otherwise there would be the risk that these rejects would end up being sold and this could destroy their own market. Somehow I just could not accept that destroying all this cloth was the only solution and I was determined to do something with this exceptional waste material. After researching the issue and taking al the objections into consideration, I first presented my design plans to creative director Roger Gerards. Roger gave me the chance to start the research and ultimately Vlisco became convinced of the attractive alternatives."

In the Vlisco printing process, many layers of patterns are printed and added on top of each other. I’ve started using laser cuttings to add new layers of patterns, but rather than applying a print pattern, the pattern is actually cut out of the cloth. This way, the misprint disappears to the background and an exciting stratification appears in the textiles. By first folding the textiles, before laser-cutting them, big surfaces can be treated with a limited amount of laser work.
Winded Rugs The big rolls of textiles standing in the factory were a big inspiration. On the side of these rolls a beautiful colour gradient was visible. By folding the misprints and winding them in circles, the colours jump out and a beautiful mingled colour circle arises.
Shaped Sittings In the Global market, Vlisco fabrics are regularly used to cover seats and sofas, but the textiles are not designed for this purpose and are in fact not suitable for this. The cotton fabric is designed for use in fashion and such, and not for upholstery. By making winded rolls for the carpets, I noticed that they could easily be shaped in different forms, because of the many layers. In this way the materials end up being much thicker, softer and mouldable and suitable for upholstery.

* Ricky Kloosterman  |  EMBRACE – Skin-to-skin to soothe
BA Man & Mobility
“Caring for premature babies can be stressful. The babies are tiny and vulnerable, new parents are often overwhelmed, and neonatal units offer little privacy with several incubators in a room. Placing babies to rest calmly on the parent’s chest, skin-to-skin, is best. But how to remain calm amidst all the commotion? Ricky’s EMBRACE offers relief for many of the problems on the wards. The sofa’s tall back and sides offer seclusion and a sense of security. The imitation leather cushions provide stability and warmth, and tubes can be tucked away for a cozy, relaxing snuggle.”

* Jeroen van de Gruiter  | The Passage of Light
BA Man & Well being
“Color perception depends on a certain equilibrium of luminosity; both light and darkness influence color and depending on their situation reveal differences. Throughout one day, different conditions occur both in a natural and artificial manner. The influence of light on our surroundings formed the starting point of this project. Observations lead to fascinations that resulted in a series of products that attempt to connect with the user through a sense of intuition and insight. “By being open to phenomena of light and seeing it change along the day, I have been able to use light in relation to material, texture, shape, color and context. My aim is to create a closer, lasting bond between user and product,” Jeroen van de Gruiter says.

Published: 09-Oct-2015 13:42
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