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We congratulate our alumna Teresa van Dongen who has won the special encouragement prize for young talent, the Young Designer Award, during the annual Dutch Design Awards 2015!

Nature and science take centre stage in the work by designer Teresa van Dongen (1988), graduated with honours from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2014. With the Young Designer Award, the international jury, chaired by Frank Houben (Global Brand Director KLM) has rewarded a designer who translates research into aesthetic products that have a tangible function and often challenge relevant matters. Although Van Dongen’s portfolio is still modest in size, all criteria for the Young Designer Award (impact, aesthetics, production method, innovation and collaboration) are clearly represented. The jury is following her ongoing development with great interest and emphatically grants her the Young Designer Award as an encouragement prize.

Other finalists
From all entries, the committee (chaired by Saskia van Stein) shortlisted three finalists in June.
Other nominees were product designer David Derksen and fashion designer Barbara Langendijk.

Dutch Design Awards
Dutch Design Awards are internationally renowned prizes for the best in the field of design in the Netherlands. The award ceremony, an exhibition of the work by all of the finalists during Dutch Design Week and the publication of the Dutch Design Yearbook (in cooperation with nai010 publishers) jointly form a platform for the full spectrum of Dutch design.

A total of 10 Dutch Design Awards were presented.
Check out all winning designs on the website:

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Images are copyright Teresa van Dongen, 2014


Published: 25-Oct-2015 07:24
  • Teresa van Dongen wins Design Award

    One Luminous Dot (2015) - photo Hans Boddeke

  • Teresa van Dongen wins Design Award

    Teresa van Dongen - photo Hans_Boddeke

  • Teresa van Dongen wins Design Award

    Teresa van Dongen - One Luminous Dot (2015) - photo Hans Boddeke

  • Teresa van Dongen wins Design Award

    Van Dongens installation at DDA Expo 2015 - photo Bo van Veen

  • Teresa van Dongen wins Design Award

    All winners DDA 2015 photo by Bo van Veen