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Summer is rapidly approaching and we are all looking forward to enjoying some relaxing weeks. After months of uncertainty and anxiety, it is important to create the time and space to rest and reflect. 

However, it is also going to be a busy couple of months as we explore the realities of the emerging new everyday and what this means for Design Academy Eindhoven and the world beyond. We are optimistic that this period will lead to positive change and reinvention where it is needed. 

Phased re-opening
Our impending graduates are working towards their finals and we are excited to see what they will produce, especially under these extraordinary circumstances. Graduating students have been able to return to the academy since 2 June using a booking system, which allows them access to some of the spaces and tools they need to complete their final projects and exams. 

This is going well. Unfortunately we are still not able to provide our regular education program on-site due to the government’s regulations. 

Next year
Our heads, tutors and staff have been working together to create an adaptable and responsive model for education at DAE. We are committed to restarting on-site education on 7 September 2020, the beginning of the new academic year, although we are still sorting out how exactly this will be working in practical terms. 

The Dutch government is updating its regulations every month and we need to ensure we take this into account. We will be able to begin providing some details around 28 June, with more to follow. 

Opening and graduation day events
There is a possibility that the government will increase the number of people allowed to gather for events from 30 to 100. This would allow us to make the official opening of the academic year on 3 September and our graduation ceremonies on 1 September “blended” events – they will take place simultaneously in the academy building and online so that we can accommodate as many people as possible while conforming to the rules on distancing and keeping everyone safe. 

The graduation day will be split into two parts. The morning will be dedicated to the Masters’ ceremony and the evening to the Bachelors’ ceremony. 

Updates and queries
If you are unsure about how any of the regulations might affect your studies or your work, please check our previous updates and the Q&A on the DAE website, which has been updated this week to reflect the most recent statements from the government and questions we have received from our community. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any other concerns. We have included details for the relevant contacts at the end of this update. 

It’s very important we ensure that we keep everyone safe as we begin to reopen. But we are also impatient to be back together soon. We are looking forward to seeing you all again in the next few months. 



If you are a student and you have any questions that are not covered by the Q&A on the DAE website, please consult the coordinator of the department or Olga Pullens (Dean) (+31 6 44594717).

If you are a tutor and you have any questions, please consult the coordinator of the department or Emke Molnar (HR) (+31 6 83372689).

If you are staff, head or coordinator and you have any questions, please consult your supervisor or Emke Molnar (HR) (+31 6 83372689).

If Emke or Olga cannot be reached directly by phone, please send them a text message.


Published: 22-Jan-2020 12:48


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    Graphic: Irene Stracuzzi