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Offer young people an opportunity to develop their skills in the area of arts, crafts and design, and bring them into contact with arts and design professionals. Those are the goals of a new development programme called ‘Arts, Crafts and Design’ at Noordkade in Veghel set up jointly by Design Academy Eindhoven and CHV Academy, Circle of Talent in the Municipality of Meierijstad. The collaboration launches in January 2021. 
Arts, Crafts and Design Talent Class 
The new Arts, Crafts and Design Talent Class, offered in conjunction with Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE), is a three-year development programme. Teenagers in the 14-17 age category spend 12 half-day periods per school year at Noordkade in Veghel where, supervised by professionals from DAE and CHV Academy, they take part in lessons and masterclasses to develop their skills in the fields of arts, crafts and design. At its Noordkade venue, CHV Academy avails of well-equipped spaces and studios, including a craft foundry, jewellery workshop, photography studio with darkroom, and ceramics workshop with a unique salt kiln. The new programme launches in January 2021 with a half-year trial. Participation in the trial is free of charge.  

CHV Academy, Circle of Talent 
In the Municipality of Meierijstad, a number of partners from the fields of art education, business world and the municipality are contributing to the Circle of Talent. By means of structural education provided by professionals from the arts, children and teenagers can discover and develop their skills through a broad range of arts programmes for primary and secondary education in the form of talent classes that prepare a pathway towards third-level education in a creative discipline 

In this way, children and teenagers can explore a professional career as an artist, theatre maker, musician or dancer, equipping them with skills and experience that will be invaluable to them throughout their adult lives. After already launching a successful Dance Talent Class and Music Talent Class, CHV Academy is now partnering with Design Academy Eindhoven to set up an Arts, Crafts and Design Talent Class. 

Design Academy Eindhoven 
Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) is one of the world’s leading design schools. For over 70 years the academy has been educating designers who have helped shape the future. The school is famed for its progressive and renowned tutors, lecturers and alumni who have achieved great advances in the international design world. DAE has the ambition to ensure that the students entering the design world are a better reflection of society. Contributing to and improving the quality and range of Dutch preparatory courses forms an integral part of this ambition. DAE choses for preparatory programmes with a long learning pathway. Each programme has its own target group and focuses on talent development and hands-on making. The Arts, Crafts and Design Development Programme for young people is one of the components of this longer learning pathway. Alumni and professionals affiliated with Design Academy Eindhoven will contribute to the programme. 
Covenant signing with ambassador and international designer Kiki van Eijk 
Design Academy Eindhoven and CHV Academy will set out this wonderful collaboration in a covenant. The festive signing of the covenant takes place at 17:00 on Tuesday 22 September 2020 at Noordkade in Veghel. In attendance will be Kiki van Eijk, designer and alumnus of Design Academy Eindhoven. She acts as a Design and Arts Ambassador for CHV Academy, Circle of Talent.

Published: 24-Sep-2020 10:47


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    Barbara Brouwer, iniator CHV Academy, Kiki van Eijck, ambassador of the new programme and our director Education and Research Raf de Keninck