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DAE graduate Lee Sanghyeok won the 2nd prize award at Imm Cologne D3 Contest in Germany last week.

‘Listen to your hands’ is about establishing a relationship with inanimate objects in our domestic space. The furniture is a desk with drawers. A push of one drawer pulls out another as if in communicating to us that we need to act with intention. Lee says: “We need to listen with our hands.”

Lee though about how connect to the furniture around us, how we experience and communicate with it. Finally he looked at the most sensitive of human senses: touch. Closing a drawer quickly causes a sudden burst of air to force another drawer out elsewhere. The only way to close all drawers can only be completed by shutting each drawer slowly and deliberately.

Imm Collogne is an international business platform for interior design sector.

Listen to your hands from Lee Sanghyeok on Vimeo.


Published: 31-Jan-2012 14:06


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  • Listen to your hands

    Listen to your hands

  • Listen to your hands

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  • Listen to your hands

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  • Listen to your hands

    Lee Sanghyeok

Photography: Minseong Wang